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Art is the lie which makes us realize the truth. @crimson .wo What Men Do link in bio to read 👇🏼

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Apr 2020

STAY STRONG 💪 don’t let negativity get to you #archives #black #red #fierce #fiercefemale #strongertogether

Mar 2020

Found these in my gallery 😍 What’s your fave slide? #beautifultuesday #tuesday #girl #mood #cutie #selflove #viral

Mar 2020

I don’t know where you are or what you might me going through but I have something to say to you today. BE HAPPY! The present is more important what you do now with what you have and where you are matters don’t over think or stress it. Just be happy. We can’t just look like what we passing through. Take things easy everyday, one step at a time. WE CANT LIVE IN FEAR. If you made it this far reading my caption pls check out the link in my bio. Somehow it’ll lighten up your mood today 😁 #positivity #notears #love #liveandlearn #liveandlove #trusttheprocess #godisthegreatest #explore #explorepage

Mar 2020

A thing for men’s shirts PS: if you’re a book lover kindly check out the link in my bio 😘❤️

Mar 2020

FLAWSOME ... Happy international women’s day ❤️

Mar 2020

Risk it now or regret later. Happy new month lovers 😘

Feb 2020

To whom it may concern, you will catch me taking sun selfies 😘 #sunkissed #beautiful #geng #cute #glow #glowup

Feb 2020

A man works for needs not satisfaction. Cause a man cannot be satisfied.

Feb 2020

Touch me ...with your mind in places hands could never reach.

Feb 2020

I pay attention to actions not words. I heard you buh I see how you coming.

Jan 2020

Like Wildflower I’ll thrive anywhere . Follow @crimson .wo and @that_chynecherem old account got hacked ❤️

Jan 2020

Stare into my eyes like you are not scared to drown in my depths 😊 Follow @crimson .wo and @that_chynecherem my main account was hacked thanks ❤️