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my dream girl.., 💘 twixtor practice😽 — ac v.quevfx dt mills and anyone

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i tried to start writing this last week on my four year anniversary of being millie’s fan but i struggled so much with it and was only now able to write it. four years ago i was fourteen and felt so unsure of my place in the world when i watched stranger things and on the 12th of october 2016, i made my fanpage: ilyeggo. i moved to this one later on but for four years i have consistently had a fanpage for stranger things and millie. this is insane to me as i’ve never felt like this about a show, to be honest i don’t think i ever will again. at 14, i had no clue the struggles i would face growing up and i’m so lucky and grateful to say i’ve had millie by my side for all of them. her interviews, making edits of her, rewatching stranger things (there’s no need to talk about how much i love eleven and what she means to me i think it’s pretty clear ) or even just sending her a dm. for three years i was under no illusion i would ever meet her or interact with her and i didn’t mind because i knew she loves all her fans so much and no matter what i would always be included in that. on my 17th birthday, i found out i was going to meet her and i’ve never been so happy in my life: i burst into tears of joy. people ask me why i’m still a fan after so many years or they don’t understand my love for her but when somebody has been in your life, even in the background, for so long they become a part of you. i have a ring with an M on it and i gave a matching one to millie and we wore them on our pinkies when we pinky promised and it brings me so much comfort just to touch it and know part of her is with me. she has been my rock over the past year. i’ve met so many incredible friends who i can’t imagine my life without... maddie, may, ella, dezi, reese, riley, maja - to name just a few. she even followed me this year which is so insane. if you’re reading this thinking you’ll never meet her or have an experience with her i urge you to keep faith as i truly never expected it. there’s so much more to say but i can’t ever really express the love i have for her in my heart. finally, to the little girl with the shaved head who changed my life, i love you forever @milliebobbybrown 🤍🧇

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'𝙨 𝙥𝙤𝙨𝙩✯ _ I am very surrendered by eleven I love all the roles that Mills does, but Eleven is one of my favorites💖🧁 _ 🌸𝚍𝚝- @milliebobbybrown +tagged 🌸𝙸𝚋-me 🌸𝚍𝚊𝚝𝚎- 20/10/2020 🌸𝚊𝚙𝚙- Alight Motion _ 𝚝𝚊𝚐𝚜💌 _ #milliebobbybrown #milliebobbybrownedit #millie #millieedits #strangerthings #milliebobbybrownvines #eleven #milliebrown #millieforever #011 #strangerthingsedits #strangerthings3 #stranger #strangerthingsbrasil #florencebymillis #milliebobbybrownedit #milliebobbybrownvideo #eleven #sonevajani #enolaholmes #enolaholmesedit #enolaholmesbrasil @milliebobbybrown (。・ω・。 )ノ♡

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I tried the same kind of photos as @milliebobbybrown haha. She's really beautiful compared to me omg 😍 {💙💜🖤🤍} I'll love it so much that she sees it omg🥺🥺 {💙💜🖤🤍} #milliebobbybrown #millie #mills #sonevajani @milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown

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welcome @cimxdits @mvltinetflix @cloud_edits12 @grvngerz - - - follow us on tiktok: holmesgrq follow @holmesgrq @holmesgrq @holmesgrq @holmesgrq — - don’t forget ur homework’s sksksksksksk - #enolaholmes #sonevajani #lillie #mouis

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lil reminder to wear your masks and stay safe. mills & i love you so so much ♡︎

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my life-saving buddy : ) ) ) the dreamy dew moisturizer helps me a lot with the dry and dehydrated skin💜 《please tagg @florencebymills in the comments》 @florencebymills @florencebymills @florencebymills @florencebymills ~tags~ #florencebymillsproducts #florencebymills #florencefam #florencefamily #milliebb #mills #mbb #milliebobbybrown #millieons #bubbas #sonevajani #explorepage #explore #spreadpositivity #spreadlove

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@milliebobbybrown want to take a walk through Paris? 🗼🇫🇷🥖📷👜🍁🧺🤎

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Loveeeee itttt 🍂📓🍁 #sonevajani @milliebobbybrown @winniethepoohdle1

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New photo of mills with Vogue love thisss!! @milliebobbybrown #sonevajani @milliebobbybrown

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she looks like a lil cute bunny aw @milliebobbybrown

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this outfit y'all.. truly one of my favs ! 🍁 the orange turtleneck, blue jeansdress and dark short hair.. magical ∗ ˚.*ೃ  i'm really feelin' grateful for mill atm just because it's happening a lot rn so i'm just happy to have her by my side.. always feel like she's close to my heart :" ) i love this girl right here, it's truly amazing how much a person can impact you. happy & proud to call this angel my rolemodel. 🤍 @milliebobbybrown i love you, stay safe xx (^‿^ )

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my baby miwwie is so cute, i love this pics so much, her face is so funny haha 🩰♡︎ quote of the day: self love isn't selfish, it's important

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currently missing @milliebobbybrown a lot right now🥺 i would give everything to meet her again soon:((

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my heart & home in human form fr. feeling grateful for you now as always miss brown. i love you i love you i love you @milliebobbybrown ♡🍂

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{Millie was born in Spain 🇪🇸 but She’s British 🇬🇧}. - Cr : @ilovemymillie .

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Claramente uma família 😌 //Duda . .translating: Clearly a family😌

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y'all ever see pics of millie and gia together then boom you're suddenly on the floor crying? cause same... for fileven soc + tagged sc brwnaep cc aestual pls tag them! @milliebobbybrown @giaalorusso

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ayo, new cloud bag check ☁️🤍 @florencebymills #florencebymills

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I love your naturalness, mills ! damn you're so sweet baby!!🍭 i love u and i will always love u 🤍 @milliebobbybrown <3 - - - Reminderb I am Nesil and this is a fanpage. Not impersonating mills but supporting her.

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millie is beautiful <3 @milliebobbybrown If it's an edit, it's my edit, please look at my page, I make edits ; ) #spreadlove <3