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last month

I started learning about the difference between the comfort, stretch and stress zones in the last couple of years and it has been a massive game changer in terms of my learning & growth. When I first tried to implement this, I realised I was hitting the stress zone everytime! It was exhausting! My goals were too far fetched and I was setting myself up for failure. It took a lot of failure to realise this which in the end is ok if you’re reflecting and making small tweaks to get yourself going in the right direction. But for majority of my life the viscous cycle was “Attempt-Fail-Attempt-Fail-Attempt-Fail”. . I’ve learned how to add in a couple of extra steps which has helped me move forward. . Slowly but surely. . “Attempt-Fail-Reflect-Tweak”. . This was on my mind when I went for a walk today & I thought I’d share my experience because I wish I knew this sooner 💕 #StretchZone #LiveThere #EmbraceDiscomfort #Temporary #Mindset #Mentorship #Growth #Success #Failure

last month

Re-Reading this again today & it’s hitting the soul! Go out there & Win People!! Even if your attempts are not perfect! People are watching and looking for inspiration and hope! Especially those closest to us. . Our kids, spouse, family, friends etc 💕 . . @dean .razi had to put it on my page so I can save it! 🔥🔥 #BeAnExampleNotAnExcuse

May 2020

Yesterday we walked up Mt Kaukau which we haven’t done as a family in a longggg time! . . It was a great chance for us to display some characteristics/values that we want to instil in our kids. . . 🔸 Follow through on what you commit to 🔸 Finish what you start 🔸 Embrace the struggle & persevere 🔸Team work makes the dream work 🔸 Uplift others and be encouraging - (cheering on each other + people we came across ) 🔸 Never Give up 🔸 Have a positive attitude 🔸 Self Affirmation 🔸 Gratitude . . #Family #Values #Characteristics #Lessons #BuildingBetterPeople #Legacy #LeadByExample

Apr 2020

💯 . . Pay attention to the information you might be tuning out because you think you know best. It might be keeping you from that breakthrough you’ve been waiting for! 🔥 . . #BeAHumbleLearner #Mentorship #PersonalDevelopment #SeekGuidance

Apr 2020

💯 . . 📚 Read more 🎧Listen to podcasts 👩🏽‍💻Catch up with friends who build you up 🚫Less social media and news ✨ Make a dream board 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Quality time with your family 💪🏽Exercise 🍝 Cook . It can be so easy to get consumed by everything going on in the world at the moment. I’ve been reducing my exposure and focusing on what I can control 💕

Apr 2020

The T-Shirt Challenge 👕 . . Kalani nominates his Uncle Duane 😜🤷🏽‍♀️ @d ._wain #tshirtchallange #LockDown

Apr 2020

I love this quote! . . Fui and I were catching up with our mentor and good friend last night, reflecting over the past few months of our personal development journey. We had been feeling a whole lot of different emotions but if I could explain it in one word it would be - uncomfortable! Uncomfortable about the goals we were working towards, set backs we’d had and not feeling like we were on the right path. . After our catch up, I felt a sense of relief being reassured that we were on the right path and that our breakthrough was near. . In the pursuit of growth, you are going to face temporary seasons of struggle which help strengthen you and build your capacity to handle the blessings coming your way. . Seeking clarity and perspective from someone who has your best interests at heart & also experience in the areas that you want to grow in, is so important when you’re trying to navigate your way through emotions and uncertainty. . Don’t give up when life’s throwing you curve balls. . . Set backs are a set up for a come back 💯 . . Surround yourself with people who challenge you to be better, tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear 🔥 . . If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough!!! . . #Mentorship #PersonalDevelopment #Breakthrough #Blessings #Struggle #Perserverance #SeasonsOfGrowth #Life #Friends #Perspective #Love #DreamBigger

Feb 2020

My Mum has been here since Xmas night & is heading back to Rarotonga tomorrow 🌺🌴 . . When she moved overseas this time last year I didn’t think too much of it..but as time went on I realised how easy we had it with her living 5mins away and being there when we needed help with the kids. . I’ve definitely learnt not to take her for granted and have a whole new perspective on what my close friends experience with no family nearby at all! . . We’ve appreciated all your help over the past month and are so grateful for you Mum . . 💕 #WeLoveYou #Nana #ComeBackSoon

Feb 2020

Paretea, Brylee, Daejia & Maiata - #Cuzzies #KukiAiraniTamaine

Jan 2020

My little mama’s boy calling us from Sydney last night to say he is missing us and always loving us. 💕 . . It breaks my heart to miss out on trips like this but the importance of delayed gratification has become so valuable to us moving our life forward and staying focussed on our dreams and vision for our family. . . . . Missing out on trips NOW so that we can fly anywhere in the world, whenever we choose to LATER . . Don’t settle for short term pleasure. . Focus on long term happiness 💯 . . #Mentorship #Delayedgratification #LifeBuilding #Family #Love #Travel #Legacy #PersonalDevelopment

Dec 2019

Happy 11th Birthday Kalani 🎈 Wow, what a big year it’s been for you! Your last year at primary school and off to Intermediate 2020 😭 You’ve got the biggest heart and you’re always looking after those around you 💕 We appreciate you and everything you contribute to our family. Wishing and praying for many more blessings to come. Love Mum xx 😘

Dec 2019

Love your kids and build them up 💕 . . Brylee loves to write and always keeps paper and pen beside her pillow. Lately I’ve been leaving little notes each night for her to read when she wakes up. She’s also been writing back. Affirmations have become a MUST in our daily routine. . Something we’re so grateful we learnt through mentorship. . . It seems silly at first but watching the compounding effects of how something so simple can impact your attitude, mindset and life is crazy! 🔥 . . I’d really encourage everyone to start rewriting all of the negativity we so naturally tell ourselves. . Even if it’s one thing “I AM . . . . “ You fill the space 👊🏽🔥 . . The simple things 💕 #Mentorship #CompoundEffect #SelfLove #Affirmation #Belief #Mindset

Dec 2019

The past few months I’ve been training with Coach Ace at Athletes Village 5am class. I came in with no fitness or strength and my lower back was SHOT. Even to the touch my back was painful. . This is what I love about training at AV is that Ace never let me use this as an excuse and every morning he always scaled/changed up the workouts - sometimes to the point where I’d just do 60mins walking on the treadmill changing up my incline. He’d always say “TURN UP” and “I’VE GOT YOU” and finally today I managed to do Deadlifts (empty bar ) without any back pain which is a huge breakthrough for me. . So thankful for Ace creating this amazing environment of growth and inclusiveness. It’s still only the beginning 🥰🔥

Oct 2019

Today was one of those days where I just wasnt in the mood from the moment I woke up. After reflecting on my day in the arvo, Ive realised how much my emotional resilience has developed and that every excuse I came up with - I did the opposite! . 1st excuse was going to be calling in sick. .Last place I wanted to be was going to work. . 2nd excuse was Ok, go to work but instead of busing like youve planned to help reduce expenses, ill drive instead. . . . When it came to leaving, I couldnt leave the house without following through with what I had planned and caught the bus. . 3rd excuse - I just want to listen to music alll day and not feed my mind with positivity - I read books and listen to audios recommended by my mentors on a daily basis for selfawareness and to be continually learning and applying to develop the best version of myself. . I made sure I followed through with these habits before listening to music . 4th excuse - Its ok to skip my self-affirmations today - well no it’s not! Thats actually when I need to do it most when im feeling like this and act my way into good thinking. . 5th excuse - ill just leave my lunch at home and buy it - cause who feels like eating healthy when theyre not in a good mood? . Took my lunch to work and enjoyed every bite! . 6th excuse - mehhh! Its swimming lessons and training afterschool for Kalani & Brylee - i cant be bothered getting their afternoon tea together, drop brylee off, drive to tawa for kalani and then kill an hour with brooky before picking them all up again. . . Yes but what is that teaching my kids? Its ok to not follow through when they dont feel like it? Brylee said “damn, i thought you forgot about swimming” and Kalani said “I dont feel like going mum!” . Yip - we got to swimming and training then Brooky and I had some Quality time at the playground. . Im STILL not in the best mood but looking back at my day I made some pretty good decisions when maybe a year or so ago I wouldnt have thought twice with any of those decisions! . Its when you take the path of MOST resistance that you develop your character and emotional resilience #DoHardThingsDaily #Mentorship #Adversity #Challenges

Oct 2019

WHAT A TRIP!!!! 😍🤯 I say it every time but getting amongst ambitious entrepreneurs blows my mind and truly creates that hunger and desire to LEVEL UP! So grateful for all the amazing speakers teaching us success and leadership principles. . . It’s been 18 months since we earned mentorship and what a ride it’s been. All areas of our life are improving, I was fortunate to be able to go part time work in June and this is only the beginning! . . Best advice I’ve had is if you want to be successful, get amongst people who already are and learn from them! . . You only have one life > Make it the BEST one!! 🔥💯 #Mentorship #Leadership #Summit #PersonalDevelopment #Learn #Grow #Teach #Entreprenuers #LevelUp

Oct 2019

Reading through the last newsletter of the Term and see that Brooklyn received a Principal Award for “Showing a good growth mindset when trying something new”.😍 . . Makes me so proud to see how far he has come this year. He started school TERRIFIED and really withdrawn. He had a “I CANT” attitude with next to no emotional resilience. . . His teacher said you wouldn’t think they were the same kid, from the start of the year til now. He participates with the class, shares his ideas, gives everything a go and has transitioned to a “I CAN” and “I can’t do it YET” attitude. He has wayyyy less breakdowns and his emotional resilience has improved so much. . . I truly believe that the holistic mentorship Fui and I are receiving and applying to our family life has had a big influence in Brooklyn’s growth this year. I’m so grateful for everything we’ve learnt about being a good parent and personal growth and the amazing mentors we are connected with. . . Everyone is destined for MORE. Get around people who have the results in their life - Ask Questions - LISTEN - Learn - Apply it to your life. There’s nothing to lose except the life you WISH you lived. #Mentorship #Holistic #PersonalGrowth #Parenting #Family #Learning #Life @kingfuey

Sep 2019

Look out peeps - The Three Amigos are practising for the Johnsonville School Talent Quest 😍😍 . . . @kingfuey

Aug 2019

Kalani in the far lane winning the last relay leg for his team at Northern Zones today 🔥 #Year6Boys

Aug 2019

WELLINGTON MASTERCLASS 🤯 . . Saturday night spent associating with a few hundred like-minded people who are hungry for more in life. . So grateful that we have access to amazing speakers who have significant success in their own life, who want to share and help others do the same. The wisdom that they have is incredible and I can’t wait to increase my capacity even more and start applying this in my own life. Learning how to build your emotional fuel tank, Why self talk is so important, having discipline and being 1-0 with yourself daily, growth through struggle and being okay with embracing that struggle. . Plus so much more 🤯😍 . Where else can you find that type of environment? . Don’t settle for MEDIOCRITY! Get around people who have the fruit in life that you want and start LEARNING. . . . “It’s not who you are, it’s who you think you’re NOT that holds you back” - Karina McKenna . #InformationHangover #BetterThanTheAveragePersonsDrunkenHangover #WellingtonMasterclass #TimeFliesAndYoureThePilot #DontBeAPassengerInLife #Mentorship #Leadership #Impact #Legacy @craig_deane_ @kjaymck @kingfuey

Jul 2019

School Holiday Fun! 🤩 I used to love making up dances with my neighbours when we were kids. #Brylee #Gabby

Jun 2019

This weekend in Melbourne was just WOW!! 🔥🔥 Seeing all the growth within the team and ourselves from last winter til now is incredible and just instills more belief in Fui and I to keep pushing through our journey and to overcome obstacles to better all areas of our lives! . I am so grateful to be connected with people who have achieved significant success and are outcome focussed and building a legacy for generations to come! When we first started our journey, we mentally had ALOT to overcome, especially limitations put over us by our past experiences and association. But now we are dreaming big and sky’s the limit!!! LITERALLY! . Massiveeee shoutout to all the incredible speakers and our mentors @nobleandkathy @wealth6 @drgeoffwilson @jonorowe @kirstyrowe @calitz_lian @calitzstephan @kjaymck @dommckenna 🔥 Sooo much knowledge and wisdom taken away to apply to our own lives. Thank you!!!! 🙏🏼 . . #Mentorship #YouDontKnowWhatYouDontKnow #Association #Consistency #Focus #Growth #Legacy #Impact #Dreams #AllOfTheAbove

Mar 2019

Happy 8th Birthday to our confident, crazy, cool little girl Brylee 🎈 She is FULL of excitement and has sooooo much energy to give. She LOVES to write, sing and dance. She has so much character and we are so proud of the challenges she has overcome in the past year and truly beginning to believe in herself and realise that nothing is impossible. She is Super loving and caring and the best sister to her brothers . We love you so so much Bee. . Thank God for blessing us with you 🥰 Mum xx

Mar 2019

Fathead keto pizza 🍕 😍